"He's believable because he's been there as an athlete. He can also relate to the businessman because he's been there himself."
Bob Watkins, president of R.J. Watkins & Co.

"When he spoke to the more than 400 young people involved, he left any traces of a Messiah complex in his gym bag - something more athletes should do more often in similar situations."
John Markon, Richmond Dispatch-Times

"Bill's not afraid to knock on doors. He's an energetic, hardworking fellow… We put him up like our Poster Child, and he does very well."
C. Terry Brown, vice president of non-profit San Diego Sports Training Foundation

"He just has that likeable personality - that smile or twinkle in his eye, that certain magnetism that draws him to you."
Bob Seagren (Gold medal, pole vault, 1968 Olympics)

"He's my idol. He forced me to get back in shape. "
Jay Flood, architect and board member U.S. Olympic Committee

"He's wildly creative and is able to funnel that creativity through good common sense."
Horshok, sports marketing director


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