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Bill Toomey achieves world-class success on many fronts because he is willing to study, think and act with unwavering discipline. His candor and analytical approach make him unique among contemporary American sports celebrities. His strategies, humor, passion and life experiences can unleash the winner in each of us. Bill accepts engagements as a guest speaker, emcee, program chair/advisor and spokesman.

Motivational Speeches
Bill inspires audiences to visualize, set and achieve new goals. He draws from his own well-documented success in overcoming competitors through strategy, attitude, discipline and commitment. He asserts the importance of recognizing competitive opportunity and approaching it with what he calls a "bag of tricks." This straightforward philosophy helps people evaluate their goals and challenges by understanding that no single tactic leads to success. Instead, they must build a cache of many small tactics and tools that work together to enable success. His well-documented strategy of "training for a rainy day" shows the wisdom of his advice. While training for the Olympics, he discovered that it rained during every previous Olympic decathlon competition. He put that knowledge to work. He equipped and trained for rain among other factors. During his days of competition in Mexico City, the weather turned rainy and chilly. He couldn't wait to get on the track. While the rain was a disadvantage to many competitors, it was a confidence-booster to Bill. His "bag of tricks" gave him a valuable competitive edge.

Bill is equally candid on sharing anecdotes, helping audiences profit from his experiences in overcoming disabilities, disadvantages, self-doubt, skepticism and early failure to turn his dreams into world records and Olympic gold. His practical, pointed guidance shows how to find, nurture and liberate the world-class winner within each of us.

Humanitarian Speeches/Appearances
Athletics and the struggle for civil rights intertwined at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, and have been a focal cause in Bill Toomey's life ever since. Bill's US and international advocacy activities include outreach to underprivileged youth, creation of motivational and athletic training programs in impoverished communities and prisons, civil rights for Olympic alumni, and promoting Olympic alumni as valuable resources within their national and local communities. As a spokesman and advisor, Bill draws on his successful humanitarian campaigns, athletic credentials and worldwide Olympic contacts to publicize responsible non-profit programs structured to improve human conditions.

Well-Being Speeches/Appearances
Maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit is a life-long quest. Bill offers straightforward advice and explanations on nutritional supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle and anti-aging to a wide range of audiences. Formerly a marketing and development executive at leading nutritional supplement and athletic equipment manufacturers, Bill has become a well-known guest speaker on wellness-oriented radio talk shows across the US. In addition, he co-hosts his weekly show, "The Jock and The Doc" from Santa Barbara, CA. Bill accepts spokesman engagements for publications, programs and products that meet with his exacting standards.


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