US Track and Field: More Than 30 Years of Running Backward
The Los Angeles Times [Home Edition]; Aug 20, 1999; SPECIAL REPORT: SPORTS MONTHLY; Mike Penner
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The U.S. track team wins 15 gold medals at the Mexico City Summer Olympics, more than any country in all events except the United States and the Soviet Union. "Dream Team" includes world-record long jumper Bob Beamon, four-time discus gold medalist Al Oerter, pole vaulter Bob Seagren, miler Jim Ryun and decathlete Bill Toomey--each among the most popular athletes in America at the ...

Focus falls again on '68 Olympic track team

The Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.; Jun 19, 1998; Richard Rothschild, Tribune Staff Writer.;
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But in Olympic sports, the team that stands tallest is an easy pick. The 1968 U.S. track and field squad not only blew away the competition but also the record books during a historic seven days at Mexico City.
There was also pole vaulter Bob Seagren, decathlete Bill Toomey and the best known of all the U.S. track athletes, Jim Ryun of Kansas, the ...

Champs give decathlon a boost Hopefuls meet five U.S. Olympic gold-medal winners
The Chicago Tribune (Pre-1997 Fulltext); Chicago, Ill.; Apr 14, 1991; Steve Wilstein, Associated Press.;
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It is the sport of Hollywood heroes-Jim Thorpe, Bob Mathias, Bruce Jenner-yet those who yearned to join them, to capture the title of "world's greatest athlete," labored largely in solitude and anonymity. Poverty wasn't too far away.
Mathias (1948 and 1952), Milt Campbell (1956), Rafer Johnson (1960), Bill Toomey (1968) and Jenner (1976) gave America's first national decathlon team much more than training tips ...

25' 9¾"
   The 1500M. It was run so late at night and pouring with rain, the stands were practically empty.  


206' ½"
   I set the Olympic Record for the Decathlon 400M at 45.6 sec. My record stands unbroken to this day.

This event brought my first-day total to 4526 -- another Olympic Record yet to be broken.
Gold Medalist Bill Toomey with Hans-Joachim Walde (Silver) and Kurt Bendlin (Bronze)
My toughest event. On the third attempt, I made it and went on for Gold.  
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