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Official newsletter of the WOA
December 1998
World Olympians Association

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Fulfilling Our Olympic Promise
Bill Toomey, WOA Secretary-General
Editor-in-Chief, The Flame

Scattered around the world are a corps of dreamers of all ages, who ran, jumped, rode, rowed, aimed high, shot far and teamed up in pursuit of Olympic glory. The bond they share is Olympism and it has evolved into the world's most important festival of champions.

Each of you has earned the title of Olympic Family Member and should thoroughly enjoy the benefits of membership into this select community. A few athletes have persisted within their regions and now have risen to the ranks of IOC membership. Many more work in their sport to enlist others to prosper in this special environment. But what about those of you who have become spectators? An Olympian should fulfill the promise of his or her ties to the Games through participation in whatever area challenges them. The idea is not to wait to be asked, but to aggressively think through what your life-long engagement should be.

As Olympians, we are expected to share our past collectively. With the emergence of the WOA, a huge symbolic step has been taken that will aid all of us who want to serve our country, our teams and even ourselves. The door is open. Walk through it and put on your participant's pin and make the next century one of prosperity and renewal to aid in the maintenance of our remarkable Olympic heritage.

We should also make it a point to be thankful to IOC president Samaranch, who cared enough to open this door - carved so elegantly by Pierre de Coubertin.

It is not necessary to be a gold medal winner. Rather, it is enough to be an Olympian.




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